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Stone Giants are colossal stone beings that dwell on New Thundera. They live in the Valley of the Stone Giants and normally appear only as innocuous statues. However, when they sense danger or when summoned by Lion-O, the Stone Giants come to life.

The Stone Giants resemble anthromorphic cats, similar to the ThunderCats themselves. A Stone Giant also was shown as being able to speak. The only word spoken by the behemoth was "HO!", in response the the same hail shouted by the ThunderCats after the Giant defeated the Mossland Monster. Their origins remain unknown. The Stone Giants also have the ability to materialize and dematerialize at various locations, allowing them to travel quickly between two places.

When the ThunderCats first arrive in the Valley of the Stone Giants, the Giants attack the Cats, mistaking them for intruders. When the Sword of Omens refuses to fire at the Giants, Lion-O realizes that they are not evil and is able to placate them by showing them his ThunderCats insignia. From that day onwards, the Stone Giants remain as statues outside the New Cats Lair, acting as the guardians of the ThunderCats.

One time when the ThunderCats came under attack from the massive Mossland Monster, Lion-O summoned the Stone Giant and it was able to defeat the monster using the Sword of Omens.


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