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The Superpower Potion was a potent concoction created by Vultureman in his laboratory inside Castle Plun-Darr. Tired of the other Mutants' incompetence and constant failures, Vultureman decided to take matter in his own hands and created this potion.

The potion itself grants its drinker phenomenal powers. After drinking it, Vultureman gained incredible strength, the ability to fly, shoot laser beams from his eyes, and even hypnotize people. Intoxicated with the power of the potion, Vultureman challenged and defeated even the mighty Mumm-Ra. The two then struck a deal and Vultureman went on to defeat his fellow Mutants, Tygra, and Panthro. Even Lion-O armed with the Sword of Omens was no match for this super-Mutant.

The only downside to the potion is that its effects are only temporary and one has to drink it at regular intervals to maintain their powers. When Vultureman's powers ran out, he was easily defeated.

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