Suspension Capsule
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Suspension Capsules are specialized compartments which can slow down the aging process. Capable of holding one fully grown ThunderCat adult, the capsules have a glass window on the front and open up to allow the occupant to enter and leave it. Once inside the capsule, a person enters a state of suspended consciousness while the capsule prevents the person from aging at a normal rate. This allows the occupant to survive journeys which could take many light years, something which would not have been possible otherwise.

The Suspension Capsules were part of the Thunderian Flagship and when the ship was badly damaged, Jaga ordered the other ThunderCats to enter the capsules in order to survive the trip to Third Earth. While all the Suspension Capsules worked perfectly, Lion-O's didn't. As a result, the young boy aged substantially during the trip and when he arrived on Third Earth, he was a fully grown adult.

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