Swamp of the Laughing Lily Pads
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Location New Thundera
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Swamp of the Laughing Lily Pads is one of the many water bodies found on New Thundera. However, this is no ordinary swamp as the water in it as the effect of causing whoever drinks it laugh uncontrollably. If the effected person is not treated quickly, they can die from laughing. The swamp is filled with floating Laughing Lily Pads. These plants are motile and use their vines to drag any nearby creature or person into the swamp water.

Once when the harmonic convergence of the five Moons of Plun-Darr caused a massive drought on New Thundera, all of the planet's water bodies dried up, except the water in this swamp. While they were searching for water in the ThunderTank, Panthro and Snarf were attacked by Eezuka, the flying serpent. This caused them to crash into the Swamp of the Laughing Lily Pads and they began laughing uncontrollably. It was only when fresh water from the Caverns of Cold filled the swamp that the two ThunderCats were washed clear of the laughing effect.

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