Sword of Omens
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Sword of Omens is the legendary and most powerful weapon of the ThunderCats. Wielded only by the Lord of the ThunderCats, the Sword of Omens is the true heart and soul of the ThunderCats. Embedded in the hilt of the sword is the Eye of Thundera which is the source of all the ThunderCats' powers. The artifact is part of the Book of Omens and it cannot harm the Key of Thundera.

The sword exists in two states. In its normal state, the blade is retracted and the crossbars are curved downwards, making it appear almost like a dagger. But when it is commanded by the Lord of the ThunderCats, the blade of the sword grows to almost triple its length and the crossbars curl upward. While in its short form, the Eye of Thundera is said to be sleeping and appears like a closed cat's eye pupil. When the sword is signalling a warning, the Eye of Thundera changes to red color. Finally when it changes into its long form, the Eye of Thundera morphs into the black cat's head ThunderCats symbol.

The Sword of Omens possesses a certain level of consciousness and is capable of sensing danger and even roaring. Thus the sword is often described as being "alive".

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