Swordsmen's Town
Swordsmen's Town 2011
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Duelist
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Swordsmen's Town is a small settlement located on the outskirts of Third Earth. Surrounded by an ominous looking wall and gate, the town itself is rather quaint. It is full of humanoid animal species of all kinds including dogs, lizards, pigs and many others.

The town resembles the small towns that existed in the Old West. The houses in the town are built almost entirely of wood and it also has saloons and provision stores.

Most of the people in the town are obsessed with swords. Many carry their own swords and frequently engage in duels and competitions. Sword competitions are the main source of income for most. One such competition involves cutting notches into a giant rectangular stone and the one with the longest notch wins.

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08. The Duelist and the Drifter

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