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Ta-She is a beautiful princess from ancient times who was imprisoned in the Time Warp Prison. She has the mysterious power of the "Doomgaze" which enables her to mesmerize males with her beauty and make them her slaves. She roams aimlessly in the Time Warp Prison on her ship with only her guards for company.

The evil spirit known as "Nemesis" once told Mumm-Ra to free her so that she may help him destroy the ThunderCats. However, in order to free her from her prison, certain items were required, which Mumm-Ra employed the Mutants to obtain. He also conjured up a Man-O-War Cloud to assist them.

The items required were a tuft of a cheetah's hair which they obtained from Cheetara, the tear of a Berbil which Mumm-Ra extracted from Ro-Bear Belle, a Unicorn's shoe, and a hero to take her place, which was to be Lion-O. Freed by Mumm-Ra using all these items, Ta-She puts the male ThunderCats under her spell. She is ultimately defeated by Cheetara who, being a woman, was completely immune to the effects of the Doom-Gaze, and Ta-She was ultimately returned to her Time Warp Prison.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

012. The Doom-Gaze

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