Origin Third Earth
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Accessories Hat, Money bags, Jewelry
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Voiced by Bob McFadden
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Tabbuts are one of the many strange species that live on Third Earth. They are anthropomorphic pigs who dress rather lavishly and have a Chinese mustache, beard and a single horn protruding from their forehead. By nature, they are very greedy and equally cowardly. They ride around on their Donkeys and collect rent from the poor Bolkins and Wollos. The only Tabbut mentioned by name on the ThunderCats show was "Gumla".

On one occasion, the evil Ninja wore the disguise of Gumla the Tabbut and went to the Warrior Maidens's Treetop Kingdom, pretending to negotiate the release of Slithe. He actually had been sent by Mumm-Ra to destroy Lion-O and Hachiman.

On another occasion, Lion-O got in the disguise of a Tabbut in order to lure the Mutants into robbing him and thus show Mumm-Rana that the ThunderCats were good and the Mutants were evil.

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