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Tech Stone is a disc-shaped, emerald-colored gem with incredible technological powers. It is one of the four Power Stones, the unique and most powerful gems in the universe. The Tech Stone has the power to greatly advance and improve any piece of technology. It can do so by giving its wielder the knowledge to create very advanced technological equipment.

The Tech Stone used to be in Mumm-Ra's possession many years ago, along with two other Power Stones. Before he could obtain the fourth and final War Stone, his most trusted commander Leo got hold of it and used it against Mumm-Ra. After vanquishing his former master, Leo freed all the animal species that Mumm-Ra had enslaved.

After Mumm-Ra's spaceship crashed on Third Earth, the surviving animal species distributed the Power Stones among themselves to prevent any one specie holding all the power. The Tech Stone was given to the Birds. They utilized its powers to become the most technologically advanced race of creatures on Third Earth. Not only did the stone's power allow them to build high-tech vehicles and weapons, but it also enabled them to construct a massive floating city called Avista high up in the sky. The Tech Stone powered the anti-gravity mechanism that kept the city afloat.

After many years, the search for the Power Stones brought the ThunderCats to Avista. Lion-O tried to reason with Vultaire, the prefect of Avista, to lend him the Tech Stone so that he may use it to defeat Mumm-Ra. But Vultaire blankly refused because not only did he not trust the Cats, but removing the Tech Stone would cause the entire city of Avista to fail.

However, this did not stop Mumm-Ra from taking the stone, with the help of Pumyra, who had been loyal to him all along.

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