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The Giant Technopede is an enormous sentient war machine. Resembling a giant mechanical centipede-like insect, the Technopede has 8 legs and a tail as well. It's metal shell armor is extremely strong and almost impervious to any kind of attack. The Technopede is also heavily armed with a host of laser cannons covering its head. It also is capable of firing explosive cluster bombs which detonate on impact.

The Technopede once laid siege on the Tuskas home of Tuskania. It relentlessly attacked the Tuska warriors and threatened their water source. In desperation, Turmagar, the leader of the Tuskas, enlisted the help of the ThunderCats to rid his land of the Giant Technopede once and for all. The ThunderCats had never encountered an opponent of such titanic proportions and even the ThunderTank's cannons had little effect on it. Eventually the teamwork of all the ThunderCats helped to bring down the metal behemoth.

Mumm-Ra then once again resurrected the Technopede to be a part of his "Mechanical Plague" which he unleashes on the ThunderCats.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

045. Turmagar the Tuska
048. Mechanical Plague

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