Telepathy Beam
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The Telepathy Beam is a huge machine that was built by Vultureman in collaboration with Alluro. The contraption which is housed inside Castle Plun-Darr is able to transmit false "visions" to Cheetara's Sixth Sense.

At one time, Vultureman and the Lunataks used the device to confuse and overwhelm Cheetara with false visions of Third Earthers and other ThunderCats being in danger. Chasing these false leads kept the ThunderCats busy while the Lunataks put their true plan into action- to capture Panthro and force him to upgrade Sky-Tomb for space travel.

The Lunataks' scheme was proceeding perfectly until Cheetara decided to ignore the visions and trust her heart. Her self-confidence enabled her body to emit strong energy beams which destroyed the Telepathy Beam device.

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