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Terrator is an alien from the race of beings known as "Terrators". His planet was destroyed by the evil alien race Kymera. Now he scours the galaxies searching for other surviving Terrators. During one of his searches, he is pursued and attacked by the Kymera and while trying to escape his enemy, the Terrator ends up landing on Third Earth where he encounters Lion-O and Snarf. Assuming that the Terrator must be evil simply by his hideous appearance, Lion-O tries to attack him but the Sword of Omens refuses to obey. Eventually Lion-O learns his lesson to "never judge a book by its cover" and he and the Terrator become friends.

ThunderCats Bullet Point StrengthsEdit

The Terrator is a technologically advanced species and his spaceship is armed with laser firing guns. But the Terrator's greatest strength is perhaps his calm, kind and cautious nature. The Terrator does not act hastily or attack out of fear or anger. His patience enables him to carefully analyze a situation and act accordingly.

ThunderCats Bullet Point WeaknessesEdit

Despite having a high-tech and armed spaceship, his technology is still slightly inferior compared to his mortal enemy, the Kymera. This gives his opponent a slight advantage in combat. Also because of his unsightly appearance, the Terrator can be easily mistaken to be hostile, as was done by Lion-O.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Weapons and EquipmentEdit

While the Terrator does not carry and hand weapons, his claws are capable of firing an intense paralyzing beam which can stop any enemy in their tracks. Other than that, his spaceship is very well armed with laser guns. It is also extremely maneuverable and can cruise at fast speeds.

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