Terrator Spaceship
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User Terrator
Features Weapons, Defensive mechanism
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Terrator's Spaceship is the main traveling craft used by the Terrators. It is a big, flat spaceship which is dark green in color. The ship is capable of inter-stellar travel at great speeds. It a host of weapons on board including powerful laser cannons. The ship is also equipped with a specialized defense mechanism which creates an energy bubble around the ship, protecting it from enemy fire. Any attack on this energy field will only cause the fire to bounce back. The ship can also create this energy field around another object.

The last surviving Terrator is searching the galaxies desperately for others of his kind. He travels to many different planets in his spaceship. However, he is often pursued by the evil robot Kymera who is determined to wipe out all the Terrators. During one such encounter, the Kymera damages the Terrator's ship near Third Earth and the Terrator has no choice but to land on the planet. There he encounters Lion-O who mistakes him for being evil just because of his unappealing looks. Eventually Lion-O learns the hard way that one cannot judge a book by its cover.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

053. Good and Ugly

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