The Mossland Monster
The Mossland Monster - Title Card.png
Episode 4.13
Original Airdate September 20, 1989
Writer(s) C.H. Trengove
Previous Episode Cracker's Revenge
Next Episode Ma-Mutt's Confusion
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The Mossland Monster is an episode from the original series of ThunderCats. Written by C.H. Trengove, it originally aired on September 20, 1989.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Story[edit | edit source]

While on his way to New Thundera in the Feliner, Panthro warns Tygra of a massive meteor shower in his flight path. Letting his impatience get the better of him, Tygra chooses to forge ahead but plows right through the interstellar hailstorm where he is greeted with a fierce meteorite whirlwind which sends him spinning out of control. He eventually crashes in the unexplored territory of the Mosslands on New Thundera.

Before Tygra can take-off again, he is attacked by the eponymous 100 foot moss covered monster. This particular scene is brilliantly executed with the suspenseful build-up before the attack and chilling background music. The Mossland Monster’s ability to regenerate severed limbs and see through Tygra’s invisibility give it the upper hand and just a single blast from its eyes turns the striped feline into a lump of moss!

Lion-O, Bengali, Snarf, and Snarfer come to the rescue in the ThunderTank but the monster’s apparent immunity to all of their attacks makes them realize the gravity of the situation. Fortunately, Jaga is close at hand and advises Lion-O to summon the Stone Giants for help, which he promptly does just before the monster turns him and his three friends into Topiary art. The Stone Giant arrives, armed with the Sword of Omens thrown to him by the partially mossed over Lion-O, saves the day by turning the Mossland Monster into pea soup.

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ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Throughout the episode, the Mossland Monster is referred to by various humorous names by the ThunderCats including “Overgrown Zucchini” and “The Jolly Green Giant”.
  • Jaga’s advice to Lion-O – “Send a giant to beat a giant” – echoes a line spoken by Lion-O in “The Ghost Warrior” when he says, “We fight a ghost with another ghost”.
  • When Lion-O throws the Sword of Omens to the Stone Giant, it grows in size to match the size of the giant. Similarly in “The Ghost Warrior”, when Lion-O throws the sword to the gigantic spirit of Jaga, it also grows to match him.

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