ThunderCats (UK) - 032.jpg
Issue 32
Released 24 October, 1987
Pages 23
Original Price 35p
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ThunderCats # 32 was an on-going comic book by Marvel Comics UK, which was based upon the original cartoon series of the ThunderCats.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Summary[edit | edit source]

World in Chaos, 3 of 6:
Written by Simon Furman and Ian Rimmer
Art by Bert Hill, Dave Harwood, Annie H & Stuart Place

Cheetara and Tygra are busy mapping the trecherous area near Hook Mountain when both get into some trouble with a fissure. Tygra plummets below while Cheetara barely makes it back to high ground. She is captured by snowmen. Meanwhile, Tygra tries to save himself and the map - without a complete map of Third Earth, they're all doomed. A down draft is giving him terrible issues, and ends up being sucked into the cave of the vortex. King Hanuman, which is the name this book asigns Snowman, insists Cheetara serve him. He wants her to fight Vultureman, who apparently likes to fly by Hook Mountain and beat snowmen about the head. Sounds like a fun game. Cheetara is tempted to help him given he promised to save Tygra from the Vortex if she did, but she doesn't agree with attacking Vultureman first. But soon he attacks the castle again and she has no choice but to confront him.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Free Gift[edit | edit source]

  • A pull-out map of Third Earth - Part 3

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Notes of interest[edit | edit source]

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