ThunderCats (UK) - 049
Issue 49
Released 20 February, 1988
Pages 23
Original Price 35p
Previous ThunderCats (Marvel UK) - Issue 48
Next ThunderCats (Marvel UK) - Issue 50

ThunderCats # 49 was an on-going comic book by Marvel Comics UK, which was based upon the original cartoon series of the ThunderCats.

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Snarf Attack:
Written by Mike Collins
Art by Dougie Braithwaite, Can Smith, Gordon Robson & Stuart Place

Snarf is feeling unappreciated. Interrupting his pity party is a distress call from the Berbils, and since everyone else is gone, Snarf decides to come to the rescue. It's not long before he runs into the Berzerkers and is in quite a predicament himself. Meanwhile, WilyKit and WilyKat return to the Lair to find a note Snarf left and are off to find him. But rather than face the pirates as themselves, the Kittens disguise themselves as Lion-O to scare them off. Snarf is rescued and all is well.

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