ThunderCubs - Part V
Thundercubs - Part V - Title Card
Episode 3.05
Original Airdate September 9, 1988
Writer(s) Peter Lawrence
Previous Episode ThunderCubs - Part IV
Next Episode Totem of Dera
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ThunderCubs - Part V is an episode from the original series of ThunderCats. Written by Peter Lawrence, it originally aired on September 9, 1988.

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Lion-O must retrieve the Book of Omens from Mumm-Ra on New Thundera as well as rescue his friends from the clutches of the Lunataks on Third Earth.

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Mumm-Ra tries to stop the ThunderCubs from taking off in the Feliner but Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to create a take off ramp that allows the Feliner to fly away to Third Earth. Baby Snarf then uses the Magical Flute to hypnotize Ma-Mutt and Lion-O seizes the moment to blast Mumm-Ra back to his New Black Pyramid. Once inside the pyramid, the Ancient Spirits of Evil tell Mumm-Ra to rest and promise him that during his next transformation, he will gain phenomenal powers.

On Third Earth, the Lunataks are forcing the captured ThunderCats to mine for Thundrillium from the Thundrillium Mine. They have even added the Berbils to their roster of slaves. The ThunderKittens however, manage to escape, with a little help from Snowman. The twins then encounter the ThunderCubs and together they make their way into DarkSide.

Meanwhile on New Thundera, Lion-O and baby Snarf arrive in the New Black Pyramid to retrieve the Book of Omens. There they are shocked to see the new, over-powered Mumm-Ra. Lion-O and Mumm-Ra engage in a climactic duel in which Mumm-Ra appears to have the upper hand until he accidentally throws the Sword of Plun-Darr into one of the statues of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, causing the entire pyramid to crumble and collapse.

Lion-O and Snarf rescue the still hypnotized Ma-Mutt from the imploding pyramid and he then takes them to Third Earth in the Mumm-Raft. Lion-O then frees all the enslaved ThunderCats and Berbils from the Lunataks and takes t hem to the Cave of Time, where the ThunderCubs are restored to their normal age. Ma-Mutt, now having snapped out of his trance, heads to the Black Pyramid where the Ancient Spirits bring Mumm-Ra back to Third Earth from the cauldron.

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