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For the 2011 version of this location, see Thundera (2011).

Thundera was the original home planet of the ThunderCats. It was located in a galaxy many light years away from Third Earth. Its atmosphere was similar to that of Third Earth with sufficient oxygen to support life. Like Third Earth, the planet also had water bodies necessary for life. There were twelve great seas on Thundera. The planet also surrounded by more than one moon, though it is not clear how many exactly.

Initially, Thundera was an uninhabited planet. However, during the "Great Migration", many humanoid cat-like beings moved and settled there and thus became known as Thunderians. They were peace-loving and hard-working people who possessed a great deal of knowledge about science, architecture, art, and magic as well. They colonized the planet and built many structures and houses. Among these Thunderians were the noble ThunderCats as well.

For many centuries, Thundera was at peace, however it was once invaded by Ratilla the terrible. Armed with the powerful Sword of Plun-Darr, this Mutant tried to steal the Treasure of Thundera. Fortunately his evil plans were thwarted by Jaga, who cast the Sword of Plun-Darr in the deepest canyons of Thundera in order to seal it permanently and prevent any evil being from obtaining it.

Alas the power of the Sword was too great and could not be contained. It caused a series of cataclysmic events which eventually led to the destruction of Thundera. Most of the ThunderCats and many Thunderians managed to escape the planet before it exploded. Many centuries later, the planet miraculously started reforming and became New Thundera.