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After the ThunderCats dominated the TV screens, it was only natural for their adventures to make their way into the printed media. A huge number of comics and storybooks narrating the tales of the ThunderCats were produced after the debut of the original TV series.

Comic Books[]

The first comic book based on the original ThunderCats series debuted in 1985. With the end of the TV show, the publication of comic books also stopped soon after. However, the early 2000s saw the release of a new wave of comics based on the original series.

ThunderCats is one of the very few franchises to have its comics published by both of the most prominent comic companies in the world, which are Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The following are all the ThunderCats comics that were ever published based on the original series.


The success of the ThunderCats TV show saw the release of a number of storybooks as well. From illustrated mini-novels to books with audio tapes, each printed medium was filled with pages narrating the escapades of the feline heores.