ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Third Earth Locations

Third Earth.jpg
Third Earth
Cats Lair.jpg
Cats Lair
Castle Plun-Darr.jpg
Castle Plun-Darr
Tower of Omens.jpg
Tower of Omens
Black Pyramid.jpg
Black Pyramid
Great Oceanic Plug.jpg
Great Oceanic Plug
Castle of the Snowmen.jpg
Castle of the Snowmen
Berbil Village2.jpg
Berbil Village
Crystal Kingdom2.jpg
Crystal Kingdom
Acid Lake2.jpg
Acid Lake
Cave of Time.jpg
Cave of Time
Kingdom of Webs2.jpg
Kingdom of Webs
Desert of Sinking Sands.jpg
Desert of Sinking Sands
Hills of Elfshima2.jpg
Hills of Elfshima
Garden of Delights2.jpg
Garden of Delights
Black Tower of Baron Karnor.jpg
Black Tower
Micrits' Territory.jpg
Micrits' Territory
Bridge of Slime2.jpg
Bridge of Slime
Cliffs of Vertigo.jpg
Cliffs of Vertigo
Valley of Chains.jpg
Valley of Chains
Hook Mountain.jpg
Hook Mountain
Mount Anguish.jpg
Mount Anguish
Rocks End2.jpg
Rocks End
White Pyramid.jpg
White Pyramid
Baleful Swamp2.jpg
Baleful Swamp
Plun-Darr Cove.jpg
Plun-Darr Cove
Forest of Giant Insects.jpg
Forest of Giant Insects
Mines of the Molemen2.jpg
Mines of the Molemen
Bridge of Light2.jpg
Bridge of Light
Grune's Tomb.jpg
Four Day Drop2.jpg
Four Day Drop
Forest of Mists.jpg
Forest of Mists
Treetop Kingdom2.jpg
Treetop Kingdom
Forest of Silence.jpg
Forest of Silence
Bottomless Chasm2.jpg
Bottomless Chasm
Midnight Woods2.jpg
Midnight Woods
Field of Daggers.jpg
Field of Daggers
Phosphorus Desert.jpg
Phosphorus Desert
Geyser of Life.jpg
Geyser of Life
Maze of Infinity2.jpg
Maze of Infinity
Unicorn Forest.jpg
Unicorn Forest
River of Despair2.jpg
River of Despair
River of Doom2.jpg
River of Doom
Crystal Canyon.jpg
Fire Rock Mountain2.jpg
Fire Rock Mountain
Wollo Village.jpg
Wollo Village
Whirlpool of Infinity2.jpg
Whirlpool of Infinity
Maftet's Temple.jpg
Maftet's Temple
Enflamer's Volcano.jpg
Caves of the Trolls and Giants.jpg
Caves of the Trolls and Giants
Astral World.jpg
Astral World
Pit of the Netherwitch.jpg
Pit of the Netherwitch
Seventh Dimension.jpg
Seventh Dimension
Dismal Falls.jpg
Dismal Falls
River of Poison.jpg
River of Poison
Ravage Island.jpg Ruins of Darkside.jpg Desert of Lava Geysers.jpg

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png New Thundera Locations

New Black Pyramid.jpg
New Black Pyramid
Valley of the Snarfs.jpg
Valley of the Snarfs
Well of Doubt2.jpg
Well of Doubt
New Cats Lair.jpg
New Cats Lair
Iron Glades.jpg
Caverns of Cold.jpg
Caverns of Cold
Churning Canyon2.jpg
Churning Canyon
Jungles of Darkness.jpg
Jungles of Darkness
Mountains of the Moon.jpg
Mountains of the Moon
Mighty Gyroscope.jpg
Mighty Gyroscope
Canyon of Youth2.jpg
Canyons of Youth
Valley of the Stone Giants2.jpg
Valley of the Stone Giants
Land of No Return.jpg
Land of No Return
Thunderstone Mountain.jpg
Dreary Canal.jpg Swamp of the Laughing Lillypads.jpg Eastern Sea.jpg
Great Beneath.jpg
Great Beneath

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Planets

Third Earth.jpg
Third Earth
New Thundera.jpg
New Thundera
Gray Penal Planet2.jpg
Gray Penal Planet
Planet of the Red Sun.jpg
Planet of the Red Sun
Exile Isle.jpg Moons of Plun-Darr2.jpg
Blue Plunder.jpg
Blue Plunder
Planet of Snarfs2.jpg
Planet of Snarfs
Way Outback2.jpg
Way Outback
Star of Thundera.jpg
Black Planet.jpg
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