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There were a host of characters who appeared in the "ThunderCats (2011)" animated show. While some were recurring characters, a few only appeared in a single episode. The following is a list of all characters who have appeared on the show.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Good Characters


Hailing from the distant planet Thundera and carrying with them the Code of Thundera , The ThunderCats are the main protagonists in the series. endowed with the power of the Eye of Thundera in the mystic Sword of Omens , the feline heroes are prepared to take on any harbinger of evil.

Lion-O 2 2011.jpg
Lion-O (2011)
Tygra 2 2011.jpg
Tygra (2011)
Panthro 2 2011.jpg
Panthro (2011)
Cheetara 2 2011.jpg
Cheetara (2011)
Snarf 2 2011.jpg
Snarf (2011)
Claudus 2 2011.jpg
Claudus (2011)
Jaga 2 2011.jpg
Jaga (2011)
WilyKit 2 2011.jpg
WilyKit (2011)
WilyKat 2 2011.jpg
WilyKat (2011)
Lynx-O 2 2011.jpg
Lynx-O (2011)
Pumyra 2011.jpg
Pumyra (2011)
Queen 2011.jpg
Queen (2011)


Ro-Bear Bill 2 2011.jpg
Ro-Bear Bill (2011)
Ro-Bear Bella 2011.jpg
Ro-Bear Bella (2011)
Ro-Bear Beebo 2011.jpg
Ro-Bear Beebo (2011)
Ro-Bear Bob 2011.jpg
Ro-Bear Bob (2011)
Berbils 2011.jpg


Anet (2011)
Aburn (2011)
Elephants 2011.jpg


Dodo 2011.jpg
Dobo (2011)

Jorma 2011.jpg
Jorma (2011)
Dog Constable 2011.jpg
Dog Constable (2011)

Dog Gladiators 2011.jpg
Dog Gladiators (2011)

Dogs 2011.jpg

Good Third Earthers

Horus 2011.jpg
Horus (2011)

Emrick3 2011.jpg
Emrick (2011)
Petalars 2011.jpg
Petalars (2011)

Viragor 2011.jpg
Viragor (2011)

Ponzi3 2011.jpg
Ponzi (2011)

Snowmeow3 2011.jpg
Snowmeow (2011)
Javan2 2011.jpg
Javan (2011)
Albo2 2011.jpg
Albo (2011)
Gusto 2011.jpg
Gusto (2011)

Jenyo (2011)

Flicker 2011.jpg
Flicker (2011)

Papa 2011.jpg
Papa (2011)

Mama 2011.jpg
Mama (2011)
First Mate 2011.jpg
First Mate (2011)
Cook 2011.jpg
Cook (2011)
Hattanzo 2011.jpg
Hattanzo (2011)

Thunderian Soldiers 2011.jpg
Thunderian Soldiers (2011)
Thunderian Slaves 2011.jpg
Thunderian Slaves (2011)
Fishmen 2011.jpg Ravenmen 2011.jpg
Bird Judge 2011.jpg Bird Executioner 2011.jpg Wollos 2011.jpg

Good Non-Third Earthers

Panthera 2011.jpg
Panthera (2011)
Leo 2011.jpg
Leo (2011)
Shen 2011.jpg
Shen (2011)
Rezard 2011.jpg
Rezard (2011)
Blacksmith 2011.jpg
Blacksmith (2011)
Monkeys 2011.jpg TigerSharks 2011.jpg

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Villians


Mumm-Ra 2 2011.jpg
Mumm-Ra (2011)

Ancient Spirits of Evil 2011.jpg
Ancient Spirits of Evil (2011)


Slithe 2 (2011).jpg
Slithe (2011)

Addicus 2011.jpg
Addicus (2011)
Kaynar 2011.jpg
Kaynar (2011)

Rator-O3 2011.jpg
Ratar-O (2011)
Vultaire2 2011.jpg
Vultaire (2011)

Ratilla 2011.jpg
Ratilla (2011)
Mordax 2011.jpg
Mordax (2011)
Khamai3 2011.jpg
Khamai (2011)
Sauro3 2011.jpg
Sauro (2011)
Kask3 2011.jpg
Kask (2011)
Rat Slave Drivers 2011.jpg
Rat Slave Drivers (2011)
Lizards 2011.jpg

Wood Forgers

Zig 2 2011.jpg
Zig (2011)

Gami 2 2011.jpg
Gami (2011)

Nips 2011.jpg

Evil Third Earthers

Soul Sever 2011.jpg
Soul Sever (2011)
Driller 2011.jpg
Driller (2011)
The Duelist3 2011.jpg
Duelist (2011)

Conquedor 2011.jpg
Conquedor (2011)

Koinelius3 2011.jpg
Koinelius (2011)
Gormax (2011)

Grune 2 2011.jpg
Grune (2011)
Tookit (2011)
Giantors 2011.jpg
Giantors (2011)

Trollogs 2011.jpg
Trollogs (2011)

Caspin 2011.jpg
Caspin (2011)
Necromechs 2011.jpg
Necromechs (2011)

Necromechers 2011.jpg
Necromechers (2011)

Evil Non-Third Earthers

Tygus 2011.jpg
Tygus (2011)


Sycorax2 2011.jpg
Sycorax (2011)

Spidera3 2011.jpg
Spidera (2011)

Lucy3 2011.jpg
Lucy (2011)

Ramlak3 2011.jpg
Ramlak (2011)
Burglenots 2011.jpg
Burglenots (2011)

Chib-Chibs 2011.jpg
Chib-Chibs (2011)

Thunderian Mounts2011.jpg
Thunderian Mounts (2011)

Comolbur 2011.jpg
Comolbur (2011)

Wraiths 2011.jpg
Wraiths (2011)

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