ThunderCats (UK) - 116
Issue 116
Released 14 July, 1990
Pages 23
Original Price 50p
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Thundercats # 116 is a comic book released by Marvel UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Bad Playmates, part 4 of 4:
Written by James Rose

Lion-O has hidden the Sword of Omens and calls it to his hand. The Mutants are quickly defeated and the Thunderdecoys destroyed. WilyKit and WilyKat reflect on how silly they were to be tricked and say that they can't believe the others would risk giving the Mutants treasure to free them. Lion-O tells them he would risk all the treasures of Third Earth to keep them from harm. Later, the Thundercats are kicking a ball round outside the Lair and Lion-O is navel-gazing and pondering the meaning of life, only to give up and join in the fun.

Invasion, part 2 of 2:
Written by Ian Rimmer

As this issue opens to tell the second part of this story, Snarf works his way aboard the ship carrying Lion-O's mysterious secret weapon. Meanwhile, it's revealed Slithe never was really a prisoner and it was all a ruse to draw and then capture all the Thundercats. The Berzerkers wanted the Thundercats, as once captured, it would show all the other Berzerkers there's nothing to fear on Third Earth and an invasion would ensue. For the Mutants, they received the Sword of Omens for their part in helping capture the 'Cats.

Turns out, the "secret weapon" Snarf carried in his pack was the real Sword of Omens. Lion-O had brought a fake, and that was now what Slithe possessed. With the real sword in hand, Lion-O easily frees his friends. A battle ensues between the freed Thundercats and Berzerkers and Mutants. Everything goes well until Hammerhand gets his mitts on Snarf. Hammerhand just wants free passage away from there and they can have Snarf back. Lion-O has an instinct they can trust the bargain, and leave the ship. Soon, Snarf is released in a row boat to come back to them, and the Berzerkers return to their world. Lion-O, hoping they'll tell all how the Thundercats successfully defended against the attack and thereby thwarting any chance of a large-scale Berzerker invasion!

ThunderCats Bullet Point Free GiftEdit

  • A ThunderCats poster, which is an enlarged reproduction of the front cover.

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