ThunderCats (UK) - 051
Issue 51
Released 5 March, 1988
Pages 23
Original Price 35p
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Thundercats # 51 is a comic book released by Marvel UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Doomgaze, part 1 of 2:
Written by Steve Perry
Art by Jim Mooney, Mike Esposito, Jack Morelli & Petra Scotese

Ghost Machine, part 1 of 3:
Written by Ian Rimmer
Art by Martin Griffiths, Tim Perkins, Glib & Chris Matthews

While out hunting, Lion-O and Tygra come across an abandoned spacecraft. Before entering ship, a beam homes in on the Eye within the Sword and plucks it out. Lion-O and Tygra have no choice but to pursue it into the wrecked spacecraft. Inside, Tygra finds a video game of sorts about choices, and Lion-O gets pulled into a telescreen. Tygra leaps in to follow him.

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ThunderCats Bullet Point Notes of InterestEdit

  • This issue contains reprinted panels from Thundercats (Star Comics) # 19
  • This issue suggests that Ta-She and Mumm-Ra are siblings, which is reinforced in the following issue when Tasha is refereed to as 'Sister Mumma-Ra', whereas this was was not made apparent in the televised episode.

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