The 1986 TV movie 'Thundercats - Ho!' premiered on September 10. It featured the first major shake-up of the series, introducing three new ThunderCats who had also survived the destruction of Thundera. A massive cast of returning heroes and villains were incorporated into the story to make it the most epic ThunderCats adventure yet produced, and it concluded with the apparent destruction of Mumm-Ra.

Broadcasted episodesEdit

Image Title Number Airdate
ThunderCats - Ho! Part I 2.01 September 10, 1986
Lion-O wakes up from an awful nightmare he has been having about leaving Thundera. He remembers leaving some of his fellow Thunderians on Thundera because the ship could not stay any longer. Jaga appears to him and explains that they did not perish, and that they are on third earth. Anxious to find them, Lion-O asks Cheetara to use her psychic powers to find their location. Mumm-Ra, overhearing this news, send the Berserkers to capture the Thunderians, and bring them to him.
ThunderCats Ho! - Part II 2.02 September 10, 1986
Mumm-ra has the Thunderians sent to Fire Rock mountain (otherwise known to the thundercats as thundrainium) Thundranium makes the Thunderians, as well as the Thundercats, weaker than kittens. Lion-O is rescued by Panthro in the new Hover-Cat, and meanwhile Snarf gets captured by Rataro in his spaceship, the Rat Star. When Lion-O tries to rescue Snarf, he falls off the Rat Star and onto snow-covered Hook Mountain. Here he meets up with the Fist Pounder, a new mutant tank driven by Monkian.
ThunderCats Ho! - Part III 2.03 September 10, 1986
The Thunderians are delivered to Fire Rock Mountain and put in cells. Meanwhile, Panthro takes on the Fist Pounder in the Thundertank, but Rataro interferes and blows the Thundertank up. (or so it seems) Lion-O heads to Mumm-ra's Pyramid to try and learn what happened to the Thunderians, but while there, he ends up getting mummified by some ancient mummies.
ThunderCats Ho! - Part IV 2.04 September 10, 1986
Lion-O escapes Mumm-Ra's pyramid and heads for Fire Rock Mountain where the Thunderians are being held. Cheetara and Tygra save Panthro, who was pinned underneath the Thundertank when Rataro shot it. Snarf escapes from Rataro and ends up in Tuska country. By the end, all the Thundercats are headed for the mountain. Lion-O gets there first, only to be confronted by Hachiman, who thinks Lion-O is evil again. Lion-O slips and it looks like he's about to fall into the Thundrainium pits, and that's how it ends.
ThunderCats Ho! - Part V 2.05 September 10, 1986
Hachiman saves Lion-O. Lion-O, unable to get past the thundrainium to save the Thunderians, uses the power of the star of Thundera to cancel the effects of the thundrainium. Mumm-Ra sends Grune the Destroyer to stop Jaga from getting the power of the star for Lion-O, but Grune fails. After giving the star's power to Lion-O, Mumm-Ra manages to steal it from him. Mumm-Ra, trying to possess the star's powers, instead gets destroyed by the star's power. Lion-O saves the Thunderians, and anoints them as Thundercats. Bengali, the white tiger, Pumyra, the female puma, and Lynx-O the blind lynx.
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