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This wiki is dedicated to everything relating to the "ThunderCats" and its sister shows "SilverHawks" and "TigerSharks" that anyone can edit. All are welcome to join in and contribute here, so long as edits are constructive and discussions are positive.

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ThunderCats 1980s
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Thundercats (1980s) Episode Guide
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Thundercats (1980s) Vehicles
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ThunderCats 2011
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Thundercats (2011) Episode Guide
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Thundercats (2011) Characters
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Thundercats (2011) Locations
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Thundercats (2011) Weapons
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Thundercats (2011) Vehicles
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Thundercats (2011) DVDs
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Thundercats (2011) Literature
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"If you guys were as mean as you are ugly, then maybe you'd be trouble!"

-Panthro in Exodus

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