Thunderian Escape Pod
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Thunderian Escape Pods were specialized capsules that could be used to escape from the main spaceship in case of emergency. The pods had the capacity to hold only one person. They had a small jet engine at the back that could propel the pod to its intended destination. The pods were made of very sturdy metal and could make rough landings without sustaining any damage or injuring the occupant inside.

Once the pod had landed, it would automatically open its door which would detach from the pod and hover above it, casting a bright light below. The pods were also fitted with automatic recorders which would tape everything that had occurred on the main spaceship before the ejection of the pod.

When Leah, her parents, and other Thunderian Refugees were returning to New Thundera, their spaceships were hit by an unexpected meteor shower which damaged them severely. All the Thunderians then escaped from the ships in the Escape Pods. Leah's pod was the first to arrive on New Thundera.

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