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Thunderian Slaves were members of the Cat race who were forced to search for the accursed Sword of Plun-Darr deep in the heart of Mount Plun-Darr.

These Cats used to live happily in the empire of Thundera, under the wise leadership and protection of their king Claudus.

form the army of Thundera, fighting to protect it against all threats and serving king Claudus. Due to the War Stone being in their possession, the Cats prospered more than other animal races. They controlled the best lands and resources as well, leaving the other species to squabble over whatever little that was left.

However, with the fall of the Thunderian empire at the hands of Mumm-Ra and his Lizard Army, many Thunderians were killed. The remaining ones were captured by the Lizards and sold as slaves.

Ratar-O bought a number of Thunderian Slaves and forced them to dig for the Sword of Plun-Darr which he believed was buried in the heart of Mount Plun-Darr. As the sword had been cursed by Jaga, anyone who tried to unearth it would face certain death. For this reason, Ratar-O employed the slaves to search for it as he considered them both cheap and expendable.

Many slaves dies excavating on Mount Plun-Darr, some from the curse while others from starvation. Ratar-O, Mordax and the other Rat Slave Drivers treated the Thunderian Slaves very poorly, flogging and hitting them every chance they get.

Eventually, Lion-O and the other ThunderCats succeeded in freeing the slaves as well as defeating Ratar-O who, along with the other Rats, fled for good.

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