Thundrainium Cannon
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The Thundrainium Cannon is one of the weapons in the Mutants' arsenal. It consists of four cannon guns mounted on a movable platform which itself can be driven like a vehicle. Each cannon is capable of firing multiple and rapid rounds of Thundrainium Shells. These shells explode on impact and release Thundrainium fumes which are deadly to the ThunderCats.

Vultureman built this particular weapon to combat the ThunderCats and it has proven to be one of the Mutants' most effective weapons. Not only do the Thundrainium Shells weaken the ThunderCats, but its explosive power is enough to do damage to the Cats Lair as well as stop the ThunderTank in its tracks.

On one occasion, Vultureman fitted the Thundrainium Cannon to the front of the NoseDiver and, with Slithe in the driver's seat, the Mutants used it to ambush an attack the ThunderCats in a mountainous area.

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