Thundrainium Projector
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The Thundrainium Projector is one of the weapons invented by Vultureman. The device is capable of shooting a ray of pure Thundrainium. It also has a precision aiming device which allows the user to hit a single target or saturate an entire area.

After obtaining additional Thundrainium from the Lunataks to replenish the Projector' supply, the Mutants and the Lunataks devise an elaborate scheme to attack the ThunderCats. First Chilla freezes the Wollo Village and then the Mutants tie up WilyKit and WilyKat in the same village, ensuring that Lion-O will come to their rescue. When Lion-O does arrive, Vultureman blasts him with the Thundrainium Projector, severely weakening him.

Lion-O however, manages to muster up enough strength to summon the other ThunderCats and Bengali comes to his rescue and together they defeat the Mutants and Chilla. Lion-O then uses the Sword of Omens to de-ice the Wollo Village.

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