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Thundrillium is a rare element that is the ThunderCats' main source of fuel. It powers all of the ThunderCats' vehicles including the ThunderTank as well as powering their fortresses, the Cats Lair and Tower of Omens. Surprisingly even the Lunataks use it as their main fuel source to power their vehicles and their flying fortress Skytomb.

It was found on Thundera in ample supply but is not so much abundant on Third Earth. For this reason, the ThunderCats are always on the search for it. Sometimes their search has lead them into dangerous locations such as the Cave of Time which has a large supply located inside it but going after it means certain death. Panthro has created a special Thundrillium Detector to help locate the precious element.

In appearance it looks a lot like gold but it is much heavier. For this reason, when extracting it from its ore, it is first melted and then all the impurities are allowed to pour off first, leaving behind pure Thundrillium.

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