Thundrillium Detector
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Thundrillium Detector a.k.a Thundrometer is a small gadget that Panthro invented to help the ThunderCats locate Thundrillium more easily. Since the precious element is their main source of power, the ThunderCats are always on the look out for Thundrillium sources. When near Thundrillium, the detector clicks in rapid succession. Further away from the source, the clicks are spaced apart more.

The Thundrillium Detector once led Tygra into the Cave of Time. Unknowingly, Tygra entered the dangerous cave and started aging rapidly. It was only Cheetara, whose super speed made her immune to the cave's effects, who rescued Tygra from certain death.

Strangely, the device is also capable of detecting Thundrainium. When Lion-O was captured and bound by the tiny Micrits, the beeping of the Thundrometer indicated to him that the strings that the Micrits used to tie him were made of Thundrillium, which is why he was unable to snap them and free himself.

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