Thundrillium Module
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Thundrillium Module is a piece of equipment found in the ThunderTank. The module is a disc shaped device which operates like a rechargeable battery. It is filled with Thundrillium and it is necessary for the operation of the ThunderTank. It needs to be charged regularly to ensure that the tank runs smoothly. The ThunderCats only have two of these modules which they most likely salvaged from their Flagship.

Once when Lion-O and Panthro were out driving in the ThunderTank at night near the Berbil Village, they say a streak of light in the sky which was actually the Flying Jet-Sleigh of Queen Tartara. The two ThunderCats tried to chase the flying vehicle but the tank stopped abruptly while in pursuit. When Panthro checked it, he discovered that the Thundrillium Module had been depleted and Snarf had forgotten to charge it. Panthro then walked back to the Cats Lair to retrieve a spare.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

023. The Crystal Queen

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