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TigerSharks are species of humanoid fish-like creatures. These aquatic creatures have have human-like face and body structure but they also have fins and stripes on their bodies like tiger sharks.

The true origins of these beings remain a mystery. Many hundreds of years ago, the TigerSharks were one of the many animal species that were enslaved by Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living, an evil undead sorcerer who desired universal control. Mumm-Ra had imprisoned all these animal species aboard his massive spaceship and used them for one purpose only - to search for the Power Stones that would endow him with unlimited power.

Each animal specie was assigned a different area to scour on the various planets. Terrestrial animals like Dogs and Lizards would search the lands, while the Birds would explore the skies. Due to their aquatic nature and agility underwater, the TigerSharks were entrusted with the task of searching the various water bodies for the stones.

After Mumm-Ra's two most trusted commanders, Leo and Panthera overthrew their evil master, their spaceship crashed on Third Earth. The TigerSharks were not seen after the crash, but it is likely that like all the other animals, they too settled on the planet. While there is no direct evidence for this, it is possible that the Fishmen might be descendants of the TigerSharks.

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07. Legacy

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  • According to Dan Norton, the Tigersharks would have appeared in an episode in Season 2.
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