Tile from the Fountain
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The Tile from the Fountain is one of the four artifacts that were used by the ThunderCats to prevent New Thundera from self-destructing, and to return the planet to its former glory.

The Tile was once part of a beautiful fountain of warm healing water. This fountain was located in the "Gardens of Thundera" on old Thundera. On New Thundera, the beautiful gardens were turned into the inhospitable Caverns of Cold and the fountain was completely frozen over.

Following the instructions of the Guardian of the Book of Omens, Cheetara and Lynx-O take the Tile in the ThunderStrike to the Caverns of Cold. When they returned the Tile to the fountain at the 24th hour, the entire icy landscape was transformed back into the lush and beautiful Gardens of Thundera. complete with the fountain.

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