Time Warp Prison
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Location Third Earth
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The Time Warp Prison is a place in an alternate dimension on Third Earth. It is a empty place with nothing but dark empty skies and storm clouds. It does not even have any type of ground.

The ancient evil sorceress Ta-She was imprisoned in the Time Warp Prison a very long time ago. It is not known who put her there but it is likely that she was banished there as punishment for her evil ways. With no way to escape Ta-She drifts aimlessly in the Time Warp Prison on her barge with only her alligator guards for company.

However, for a short while, Ta-She was freed from her eternal prison by Mumm-Ra so that she may help him destroy the ThunderCats by utilizing her power of the "Doomgaze". He does so by gathering the items that collectively form the "key" to the Time Warp Prison. These items are:

Mumm-Ra had nearly succeeded in his plan but was foiled by Cheetara who, being a woman, was not affected by Ta-She's Doomgaze and was therefore able to defeat the villains.

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