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Group Thunderian
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Voiced by Larry Kenney
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Torr is one of the Thunderian Refugees. Before the destruction of Thundera, Torr and his family left the planet. Later on when New Thundera formed, Torr and his family returned to the planet but they were captured by the evil robot Two-Time. He kept them as his slaves on his ship Dome-Down. Fortunately, the ThunderCats learned about this and defeated Two-Time and rescued Torr and his family, taking them with them to New Cats Lair.

Torr was also one time employed by the unscrupulous Baron Tass. The baron and his villainous book-keeper, Mr. Grubber, lied and cheated Torr to ensure that he and other Thunderians like him remain in the baron's service forever.

After Torr arrives on New Thundera, he becomes a good friend and assistant of the ThunderCats, helping them in various duties and tasks.

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