Totem of Dera
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Totem of Dera is one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera. It consists of a giant blue jewel held in an ornate golden handle. The Totem has the power to cure all illnesses and heal the sick. It was used by ancient Thunderians cure the sick among their people. However, its powers extend beyond just healing. It also has the ability to bring inanimate objects like rocks to life.

Mumm-Ra once managed to obtain the Totem and gave it to Vultureman who installed it in a special gun to use as a weapon. He and the Mutants then fired the gun at Baleful Swamp, creating a monster to attack the ThunderCats. While trying to rescue WilyKit and Snarfer, Lion-O accidentally ingested some of the swamp's poisonous water, making him very sick. Snarfer however managed to grab the Totem from Vultureman and use it to heal Lion-O.

Unfortunately, during the final battle between Mumm-Ra and the ThunderCats, the Totem of Dera was lost and remains in the depths of the Baleful Swamp.

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