Treasure of Thundera
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List of all weapons & other items

The Treasure of Thundera is a collection of rare, valuable and magical relics of Thundera. The treasure items were kept in a special chest and housed in a safe chamber in the Thunderian Palace. A long time ago, Ratilla the Terrible, ancestor of Ratar-O, tried to steal the treasure using the Sword of Plun-Darr. Fortunately, Jaga arrived just in time to stop Ratilla and seal the Sword of Plun-Darr deep in the canyons of Thundera.

When New Thundera was formed, the treasure remained buried on the planet until the ThunderCats discovered it. However, Mumm-Ra grabbed it from them and as he was flying away with the treasure chest, the Sword of Omens attacked him, breaking the chest and scattering all the pieces across New Thundera.

What followed was the struggle by the ThunderCats to locate the treasure items before they fall into the hands of Mumm-Ra.

The Treasure of Thundera consisted of the following items:

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