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Trolls are one of the native species that inhabit Third Earth. They are short humanoid beings, resembling dwarfs. They live in close proximity to the Giants in the Caves of the Trolls and Giants, which are essentially holes in a mountain's side.

The only Troll that appears in the cartoon series is Grygory Grigion. However, it turns out that the Troll was actually Mumm-Ra in disguise. Grygory Grigion was also shown riding a giant grasshopper that he called "Hopper". It is not know if all Trolls use grasshoppers as steeds or if Hopper was something conjured up by Mumm-Ra himself.

After learning about the Trolls from the Berbils, Lion-O and Snarf visit the Caves of the Trolls and Giants. That is where they meet Grygory Grygian who asks them to escort him during his trip through the Midnight Woods, so that they may protect him from the "Shadow Robber". The robber turns out to be none other than Tygra, who was also tricked by Grygian. The ensuing scuffle between Lion-O and Tygra, who are unaware of each other's identities, unleashes the Curse of Balthaz and breaks the Sword of Omens in two. That is when Grygory Grygion reveals himself to be Mumm-Ra in disguise.

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