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The Tuskas are one of the many indigenous beings that inhabit Third Earth. These anthropomorphic walruses live in an area of Third Earth known as Tuskania, which is the source of the River of Despair. They are heavily reliant on the waters of the river and hence are very protective of it.

Led by Turmagar the Tuska, the Tuskas are courageous fighters and will take on any enemy who threatens them head on. They are armed with special guns which can fire explosive charges. When not fighting, the Tuskas are gentle and friendly by nature.

The ThunderCats helped the Tuskas defeat the heavily armed Giant Technopede when it attacked their water source. Despite their bravery, the Tuskas were unable to take down the Technopede with their weapons alone. But when the ThunderCats joined the fight, they were able to defeat the war machine together. Since then the Tuskas became good allies of the ThunderCats.

The Tuskas and Turmagar came to the aid of Snarf when he had been kidnapped by Ratar-O. They successfully managed to shoot down the RatStar and free Snarf. Turmagar and the Gomplin then even helped Snarf to tow the Berserkers Ship out to sea to prevent the vicious vikings from re-capturing Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra from the Mutants who had taken the Thunderians to Fire Rock Mountain.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Character Design[edit | edit source]

The Tuskas underwent a change in their deisgn between Season 1 and Season 2. In their first episode, the Tuskas had a very different skin and outfit color than their subsequent appearance in the "ThunderCats Ho!" movie.

Tuskas2.jpg Tuskas3.jpg
Tuskas in Turmagar the Tuska (episode) Tuskas in ThunderCats Ho! - Part IV

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