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The Under-Earthmen are a race of dwarf-like humanoids who live on Third Earth. These diminutive beings have pale greyish purple skin and abnormally large eyes. They live deep underground in caves inside the Maze of Infinity. They have an affinity for books which they guard fiercely. They have the ability to deliver electric shocks from their fingertips. While they are not inherently evil, they are very protective of their books and sometimes this obsessions can make them a bit aggressive.

A long time ago, they used to live on land, but beings known as "overlords" feared the books of the Under-Earthmen and the knowledge contained in them. They started to burn all of their books and thus the Under-Earthmen were forced to flee underground to protect their books as well as themselves. Due to living underground for many years without any light, the eyes of the Under-Earthmen have grown very weak. They can no longer read their books. They still store all their books in a sort of library that they have built in their underground cave.

During Lion-O's third Anointment Trial in which he faced of against the ThunderKittens in the Maze of Infinity, he accidentally ran into the Under-Earthmen. The Under-Earthmen thought that he was a descendent of the evil overlords and referred to him as an "Over-Earthman", and seeing that his eyes still were healthy, they wanted to force him to remain with them and read them their books for as long as he lives. While Lion-O was trying to escape from them, Monkian attacked in the SkyCutter, setting some of their books on fire. Seeing their plight, Lion-O distracted Monkian and saved the Under-Earthmen's books. In return, they helped him and the ThunderKittens when they were hanging precariously over a deep ravine.

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