Unicorn Keepers
Unicorn Keepers.jpg
Origin Third Earth
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Magical Crescent Staffs, ability to communicate with animals
Voice Actor
Voiced by Peter Newman - (male)
Lynne Lipton - (female)
Character Guide
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Unicorn Keepers are two Third Earth natives who have sworn to guard the enchanted Unicorns. This husband and wife couple live in the Unicorn Forest. They are gentle and pacifistic and want to live in peace with their Unicorns but their lives are often disrupted by the evil beings of the planet such as the Mutants and the Berserkers, who eat their Unicorns.

Fortunately, the ThunderCats are always there to help and protect the Unicorn Keepers and their Unicorns. For this reason, the Keepers have come to trust the ThunderCats and often go to them when in crisis.

The Unicorn Keepers possess the unique ability of being able to communicate with the various animals of the forest that they live in. They also have mild magical powers which they use against any attackers. The Keepers have in their possession a Magic Crystal that creates the Bridge of Light when places in a certain altar on the banks of the River of Despair. This allows them to cross the dangerous river.

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