Valley of the Snarfs
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Location Thundera, New Thundera
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The Valley of the Snarfs is a lowly area of land on Thundera where the Snarfs primarily resided. The valley had houses, paths, and even small gardens, all belonging to the Snarfs.

All the Snarfs lived happily and peacefully in the Valley until the fateful day when Thundera was on the brink of destruction. The Snarfs had no choice but to flee and find a new home world, which they did in the Planet of Snarfs.

Fortunately, the Valley of the Snarfs managed to survive the destruction of Thundera. When the planet re-formed as New Thundera, the valley was largely intact. In his quest to search for the Treasure of Thundera, Mumm-Ra kidnapped the Snarfs from the Planet of the Snarfs and forced them to do excavation work in the various areas of New Thundera.

After the ThunderCats rescued the Snarfs from Mumm-Ra, they returned to living happily again in the Valley of the Snarfs.

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