Valley of the Stone Giants
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Location New Thundera
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The Valley of the Stone Giants is a location on New Thundera that is characterized by the presence of massive Thunderian stone statues all over it. The statues initially are partially embedded in the ground with only their head and shoulders visible, similarly to the Easter Island Statues or Moai. Later on it turns out that the statues are actually Stone Giants that can come to life when they sense danger or when summoned by Lion-O.

When the ThunderCats finally decide to settle permanently on New Thundera, they first land in the Valley of the Stone Giants and decide to construct the New Cats Lair there. Initially, the Stone Giants attack the ThunderCats but after Lion-O convinces them that the ThunderCats are friends, the Giants stand down. They remain in statue form outside New Cats Lair, ready to defend the ThunderCats whenever called upon.

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