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Vanguard of Ro-Bear
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Vanguard of Ro-Bear is one of the larger spaceships that belong to the Berbils. It is a massive spaceship which has a Berbil shaped head at its front. It is bright yellow in color. As the Berbils are a gentle race with no natural enemies, the ship does not have any weapons on board.

The ship was piloted by Ro-Bear Bill and Ro-Bear Bob when they left their planet Ro-Bear. During their flight, they happened to pass by Thundera just as it was about to explode. There they saw the three new ThunderCats, Bengali, Lynx-O, and Pumyra trying to escape. The two Berbils took the three Thunderians with them and they eventually arrived on a deserted island on Third Earth.

The spaceship was never mentioned by name in the cartoon. It's name was only revealed in issue 61 of the ThunderCats UK Marvel Comic