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The Vertus is a massive spaceship that belongs to the evil space mercenary Captain Shiner. The ship is incredibly gigantic in size and dwarfs even the mighty Feliner. It is capable of Interstellar travel and has warp speed capabilities. It can travel at multiples of the speed of light, making it extremely fast. The ship is powered by radioactive rods which are located in its Engine Room.

Captain Shiner is the skipper of the ship and he has a number of loyal crew members who operate and pilot the ship. Together they travel through the galaxy until they are hired for a job.

Mumm-Ra once hired Shiner to lure Lion-O into the Vertus and then disposed of the Sword of Omens in a black hole. Panthro came to his rescue and drove the Vertus straight into the black hole, which turned out to be a giant space station operated by an artificial intelligence known as NEPTUNE. While escaping from the space station, the Vertus was destroyed by shooting debris but Shiner and the ThunderCats managed to escape. Later on in the series, Shiner appears again with the Vertus, suggesting that he managed to construct a new spaceship.

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