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The Vortex is a small rocky outcrop on Third Earth. A strange and dangerous thing, the Vortex is actually a living thing. From the outside, it resembles a small mountain shaped rock with a mouth-shaped cave in its center. The Vortex is capable of sucking in and blowing out unlimited amount of air from its cavernous mouth. Deep in the heart of the cave appears to be a living being which controls the Vortex.

The ThunderCats have encountered the Vortex on two occasions. The first time, it was Lion-O who had to bypass it during his First Anointment Trial. He used a nearby lying piece of wood to block the Vortex's mouth temporarily while he made his way past it.

The second time it was the ThunderKittens who were led into a trap set by the Mutants. Using Vultureman's Voice Imitator, the Mutants led WilyKat and WilyKit into believing that Tygra was trapped inside the Vortex. They went to rescue him but got stuck themselves, hanging on for their lives. THey eventually used their Trick Pellets to escape from it.

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