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War Stone or Eye of Thundera is a red-colored gem that has immeasurable powers. It is one of the four Power Stones, the most powerful artifacts in the universe which are unmatched in their destructive abilities. The War Stone has the ability to generate an unlimited amount of raw energy that can be used power different kinds of weaponry. When the energy is harnessed in objects such as the Sword of Omens, the stone is able to give the wielder Sight Beyond Sight, the clairvoyant ability to see into the future and survey event visually or audibly. It originally existed as a red crystal, but then changed into a cube with a cat's eye pupil in the middle, and finally into a bulging disc shape when fitted into the hilt of the Sword of Omens.

Centuries ago, the War Stone belonged to an alien race of creatures. They had fitted the stone in one of their cannons, enabling it to fire powerful energy beams at their enemies. In his quest to obtain all the four Power Stones, Mumm-Ra sent his military commander Captain Tygus to retrieve it by force from the aliens.

Tygus, with his army, was able to do so but before he could hand it to his master, Mumm-Ra's most trusted commander Leo took it from Tygus and infused it into the sword that the Blacksmiths had forged for him. With this Sword of Omens, Leo vanquished Mumm-Ra and freed all the animal species that the demon had enslaved over the years.

After Mumm-Ra's spaceship crashed on Third Earth, the surviving animal species distributed the Power Stones among themselves to prevent any one specie holding all the power. The War Stone which was embedded in the Sword of Omens, remained with the Cats. With its help the Cats were able to build a mighty empire known as Thundera. Thus later generations of Cats called the War Stone "Eye of Thundera".

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