Plun-Darrian Warbot
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The Warbot is a giant four-legged robot created by the Mutants. The epitome of Mutant technology, the Warbot was created by the Mutants on Plun-Darr and brought to Third Earth by them. With a metallic reptilian-like face, the Warbot is heavily armed with a host of powerful weapons and defense mechanisms.

The Warbot's main strength is its ability to feed on energy and send it right back at its opponent. This renders most of its opponent's weapons useless. The metal behemoth is also armed with a freeze cannon in its chest which can instantly turn any living creature into stone. The Warbot's giant claw-like hands are dangerous enough but they also can change into drills to bore through any obstacle. It also is capable of shooting chains with special stone-attracting ends which bind tightly to any stone or rocky surface. The robot's thick armor is immune to any kind of fire and it can even raise its temperature to red hot.

The Mutants unleash the Warbot on the ThunderCats when Lion-O is accidentally sent back in time to Thundera. The Warbot is able to counter every type of attack that the ThunderCats throw at it and wreaks havoc on the Cats Lair, pulling the lair's head clean off. It even succeeds in turning all the ThunderCats to stone. Only the timely arrival of Lion-O with the plans of how to defeat the Warbot given to him by Claudus, helps to defeat the hulking iron monster. It only has one weakness and that is a tiny red glass disc located at the bottom of its front right foot.

Mumm-Ra then later on resurrects the Warbot to be a part of his "Mechanical Plague" which he unleashes on the ThunderCats. This time it is Tygra who succeeds in destroying the Warbot.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

20. Return to Thundera
48. Mechanical Plague

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