Well of Doubt
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Location New Thundera
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The Well of Doubt is one of the many water bodies found on New Thundera. The well is found inside a cave that is located on what once was Baron Tass' estate on old Thundera. The well contains magical water that causes whoever drinks it to lose all confidence and be filled with self doubt. The more one drinks the waters of the well, the more pronounced its effect becomes.

Guarding the well are Baron Tass' Guardsmen, two gigantic stone statues that the Baron control with his magical amulet. They remain in a state of sleep until awoken by the Baron.

When the Baron and his accountant, Mr. Grubber, returned to New Thundera, he tricked Lion-O into drinking the water from the Well of Doubt. Filled with self doubt, Lion-O crashed the Whisker and even refused to fight the Baron's Guardsmen when he used them to attack the ThunderCats. Fortunately it was Jagara who used the power of the Eye of Thundera to restore Lion-O's confidence, enabling him to defeat the Guardsmen.

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